50 years’ experience of protecting field-based equipment in harsh conditions!


INTERTEC offers a versatile range of solutions designed to protect field instrumentation in chemical and petrochemical plants as well, as other industries. Sensitive and valuable measuring and control instruments are reliably protected against freezing, excessive heat, corrosion and condensation.


 The company was founded in 1965 by Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hess, who recognized the problem of inadequate protection of electronic instruments in the field of engineering. Neglect or failures in instrument protection, however, can seriously affect plant safety and the operation of the complete system. Even operating and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably by providing adequate instrument protection. INTERTEC started making enclosures using long-fibre glass reinforced polyester (GRP) - with additional composite layers to add insulation and other protective properties.


Since its foundation, the INTERTEC organization has shipped over a million protection systems ensure safe operation of instruments, analyzers, mobile phone and radar equipment, signaling plants, transmitters and many other installations worldwide. Due to extensive expertise in engineering, constant innovation and product improvement INTERTEC has become the world’s leading manufacturer in this field. Twenty patents obtained for our products and unique solutions attest to INTERTEC’s know-how, and several new patents are issued every year.


INTERTEC’s two manufacturing plants and two system building centers are located in Germany, Canada, the USA and Russia with 2,600 m² of office buildings, 16,600 m² of production plants and 39,000 m² of open space. Marketing, sales, engineering and production are closely integrated. Our sales engineers on the road as well as our network of representatives, agents and distributors in many countries will ensure customer-oriented service worldwide.


If you have a field equipment protection requirement, call us to discuss your application! Whatever your equipment requires, INTERTEC will almost certainly already have a solution, or proven technology to help us create one. Many of our specialists have a decade and more of experience in designing and configuring environmental protection, this wealth of know-how is available close to you.