Drillform was founded in 2010, by a team of industry professionals to design, manufacture and service automated drilling rig equipment.


With more than a 100 years of combined industry and field experience, the core leadership team had previously built a well-established brand of oilfield equipment. They knew very well it was a competitive industry, dominated by large players. In order to stand out, Drillform’s design philosophy continues to focus on producing products offering ultimate reliability and performance in the field.


Building on their extensive field experience, Drillform invested in a rigorous R&D process to launch the Bulldog (BD) product line. It’s underlying design principles are serviceability, safety and reliability. The BD line includes automated floor wrenches, catwalks (pipe handlers) and top drives. Additional products are in development and will round out the line.



ROOTS: At Drillform, service drives everything, beginning with design. Drillform products are specifically manufactured to be easily maintained and supported in the field by the drilling contractor and our own experienced field service technicians. This includes an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement – even if it is a minor adjustment throughout the life cycle of Drillform products.


PHILOSOPHY: Ultimately, Drillform provides solutions to problems. It underlies every aspect of our company. Whether it’s a unique rig floor or small derrick that requires specific approach, a catwalk recertification on a tight deadline or a field call on a weekend – we strive to understand the scope and figure out how we can help.


FLEXIBILITY: Driven by our philosophy, we have both the desire and flexibility to respond and react to unique opportunities in the industry or client specific needs. We will be honest, upfront and if we accept a project, we will deliver on our commitment.



SAFETY: Drillform’s products means a safer rig environment with fewer near misses and lost time incidents. The automated rig components remove personnel from harm’s way and because Drillform products perform reliably– drilling contractors and operators can create a safe rig environment without compromising efficient and productive operations.