Specialist foundation engineering equipment from the BAUER Maschinen Group is the global benchmark in the industry.


The origins of the Group's machinery design and manufacturing operations extend back to the time around 1970, when there was a lack of suitable anchor drilling and pile driving equipment on the market to support Bauer's construction activities. As a result, Bauer built the first anchor drilling rig to its own specification, the UBW.


Then in 1976 came the first rotary drilling rig, the BG 7. Both rigs represented major innovations, driving forward the application of the respective construction methods significantly. Having originally intended the machines solely for in-house use, in the mid-1980s Bauer began selling them on the open market. The reasons for this were, firstly, that major construction companies were asking for Bauer equipment and, secondly, the high development cost could only be amortized by producing high volumes. Bauer utilized the opportunities offered by the market.


Since the early 1990s Bauer has been incorporating more and more equipment into its range – in some cases by acquiring existing businesses or by establishing new specialist companies – and today is able to offer the full range of specialist foundation engineering equipment. Its know-how in all fields delivers synergy effects which benefit customers.


Specialization by centres of competence, such as small-diameter drilling rigs from Klemm, keeps each product division at the top of its global field. Since 2001 BAUER Maschinen GmbH has been operating on the market as an independent entity within the BAUER Group. Each of the subsidiaries of BAUER Maschinen GmbH has its own profile.