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Anton Paar launches an entire SVMTM series for easy, accurate and fast measurement of viscosity

20th September 2016
These viscometers give you more parameters than any other kinematic viscometer on the market. There is an SVMTM for every application: ranging from lubricating oils, used oils, crude oils, heavy fuels, distilled fuels to vegetable oils and fats
SVM Family
Anton Paar viscometer

SVMTM 4001
The innovative double-cell design of SVM™ 4001 allows for simultaneous measurements at 40 °C and 100 °C. As each of the measuring cells also contains an integrated density oscillator, density measurements according to ASTM D4052 at each temperature are simultaneously performed. The minimum sample volume needed for Viscosity Index determination and the density measurements is only 2.5 mL. The Viscosity Index results according to D2270 as well as API calculations are automatically shown on the touchscreen.


Moreover, SVM™ 4001 allows for simultaneous determination of viscosity and density at any two temperatures between 15 °C and 100 °C. This SVM™ model also provides viscosity-temperature extrapolation according to ASTM D341 and freely selectable API grades which are shown on the 10x4” touchscreen.


SVMTM 4001 provides an unbeatable combination of features that simplify the measurement process. Both density cells are equipped with the FillingCheck™ technology compliant with D4052 requirements, which allows real-time monitoring of the filling quality of the density cells. This saves valuable time as bubbles are already detected during the measurement.


SVMTM 4001 is designed to provide the Viscosity Index, kinematic viscosity and density of lubricating oils, base oils and additives, as well as in-service oils. In addition, the optional modular combination with Anton Paar refractometers allows for fast determination of the carbon-type composition of transformer oils with automatic calculations according to ASTM D2140 and D3238.


SVMTM 3001
The SVM™ 3001 Stabinger Viscometer™ is a highly precise kinematic viscometer with an integrated density measuring cell. A single measuring cycle on a sample volume as low as 1.5 mL yields the kinematic viscosity, density, dynamic viscosity, Viscosity Index and more.


As the density cell of SVM™ 3001 is integrated, the density measurement according to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 does not have to be carried out separately. One combined measuring cell covers the entire measuring range for viscosity, density and temperature, and is filled in one go. SVM™ 3001 stands out for its unbeatable ease of operation: Simply inject the sample via syringe and start the measurement. The parameters are shown on a 10x4” touchscreen including a special intuitive precision widget, freely selectable API grades and more. FillingCheck™ ensures monitoring of the filling quality of the density cell in real time and works for the entire viscosity range and also for opaque samples.


With unprecedented heating and cooling rates of up to 20 °C/min and a temperature range from -60 °C to +135 °C, SVM™ 3001 is perfectly suited for a wide range of samples and measurements. As temperatures down to -20 °C can be reached without external cooling due to its own built-in air cooling, SVM™ 3001 is ideal for jet fuel certification according to ASTM D1655, D7566 and DEF STAN 91-91. Temperatures down to -60 °C are reached by connecting an external cooler with methanol-free cooling. SVMTM 3001 is capable of performing very fast temperature scans, so valuable information on the critical viscosity of the fuel can also be obtained in an easy and fast manner.


SVMTM 2001
With the brand new SVM™ 2001 Stabinger Viscometer™, Anton Paar expands its SVM™ series to provide a viscometer with the proven benefits of the SVM™ technology for a temperature range from 15 °C to 100 °C and a viscosity range from 0.2 mm2/s to 30000 mm2/s. Kinematic and dynamic viscosity are measured according to D7042 with a minimum sample volume of only 1.5 mL. Its intuitive software and unbeatable ease of operation make SVM™ 2001 suitable for a wide variety of measurements at any constant temperature within the range.


In order to maximize productivity and meet the demands of high throughput, all SVM™ models can be used with a 71-position sample changer.