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SVM Family

Anton Paar launches an entire SVMTM series for easy, accurate and fast measurement of viscosity

SVMTM 4001The innovative double-cell design of SVM™ 4001 allows for simultaneous measurements at 40 °C and 100 °C. As each of the measuring cells also contains an integrated density oscillator, density... - 20th September 2016
DMA 4200 M density meter

Faster and no longer furious

At last there is a density meter which can measure all petroleum samples, including crude oil, intermediate products, asphalt, liquefied petroleum gas and high-viscosity liquids: the new DMA 4200 M. This... - 19th January 2015
L-Vis 520 Ex

Inline Viscometer for Hazardous Areas: L-Vis 520 Ex

The L-Vis 520 Ex inline viscometer continuously displays the viscosity and temperature of petrochemicals, lubricants, detergents, coatings, starch adhesives, ceramic slips, viscose and many more process... - 1st December 2014
The PNR 12 penetrometer

Penetration measurements of bitumen and wax with automatic surface detection system

The accuracy and repeatability of a penetrometer’s results are heavily dependent on the operator's ability to position the test probe on a sample’s surface. The PNR 12 penetrometer from Anton Paar... - 14th October 2014
ADU 5 automatic distillation unit

High-precision atmospheric distillation with automatic heating optimization

ADU 5 automatically recommends the best distillation conditions according to the respective program. The instrument’s excellent heat control guarantees an optimum standardized distillation rate, even for... - 28th July 2014

Click to Find Out: A New App with Your Petroleum Testing Options

The choice is yours: 140 solutions for petroleum testing are ready for you in Anton Paar’s portfolio. These solutions are applied for quality control and in-depth analysis at all points of petroleum... - 17th April 2014