Anton Paar develops and produces highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions. Ever since Mr Anton Paar founded his one-man workshop in 1922, the Austrian-based company has continuously found new ways to merge high-end engineering with scientific curiosity. The company currently employs more than 2000 people and is active in over 110 countries worldwide.


The company Anton Paar is committed to long-term partnerships with customers and employees as well as responsibility towards society in general.


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140 Solutions for Petroleum Testing


Together with its subsidiary formerly known as Petrotest, Anton Paar now builds on more than 140 years of experience in the field of petroleum testing technology. What began with flash point testers now extends to more than 40 different instruments for numerous applications.


The name Anton Paar stands for modular and versatile instrumentation, so it was easy to select and present 140 solutions to meet diverse requirements in the petroleum industry. This “140 solutions” portfolio includes portable meters, on-site quality control of incoming materials as well as a unique viscometer for operation under difficult process conditions. For more information, see:



Product Highlights


Density Meter: DMA Generation M
API gravity for light and heavy crude oil


DMA Generation M density meters directly measure API gravity (according to ASTM D1250), a necessary parameter for quality control of incoming goods such as crude oil. A heated sample changer (Xsample 352/452 H) melts samples before measurements to reduce their viscosity.



Kinematic Viscosity: SVM 3000 Viscometer
Precise kinematic viscosity for all products and all viscosities


Anton Paar’s SVM 3000 viscometer has continuously revolutionized viscosity measurement for over ten years. SVM 3000 is no longer a fascinating novelty, it is now a recognized and standardized solution.



Asphalt Rheometer: SmartPave
Characterize asphalt properties based on rheological tests


Thanks to the versatility and modularity of the SmartPave, a Dynamic Shear Rheomter (DSR), it can be used to perform all tests relevant to the characterization of asphalt in modern rheology today.



Automatic Distillation Unit: ADU 5
Optimized automated atmospheric distillation with automatic dry-point detection


ADU 5 covers the whole application range of atmospheric distillation including solvent distillation. The instrument is easily equipped with accessories for automatic dry-point detection.



Refractometers: Abbemat Performance and Performance Plus Line
Quality control of diesel and biodiesel


Determine the quality of your diesel fuel and distinguish diesel, biodiesel and mixtures thereof by means of the refractive index.



Microwave Reaction System: Multiwave PRO
Reliable sample preparation for determining additives in lubricating oils


Multiwave PRO with Rotor 8 N offers closed-vessel digestion to prevent loss of volatiles and to minimize the risk of contamination during acid digestion of lubricating oils. Rotor 8 N can withstand the highest temperatures for extended periods of time (up to 300 °C), accelerating the digestion and resulting in the lowest levels of residual carbon for an interference-free subsequent elemental analysis.



A New App Gives Your Petroleum Testing Options


The Anton Paar Petro App

Take an interactive trip through the entire petroleum production process and get a complete overview of all Anton Paar solutions, measured samples and applicable standards. An added bonus: Attractive filter functions give you a clear picture of all relevant measuring points for a certain product, or immediately show you which standards are relevant for which parts of your process.


In this way, the Petro App not only provides all product information you may require, but also gives you the free benefit of valuable petroleum testing know-how, gathered over many decades by measurement experts at Anton Paar.


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