Ambrell is a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems. Manufacturing low and high power systems, its solutions can be used for small and large applications alike. Ambrell has considerable experience with tube and pipe applications, examples include tube and pipe coating curing, pre- and post-weld heating, hot pipe bending, drill pipe heat treatment and preheating drill bits for insert brazing and de-brazing.


Ambrell offers a free half-day of application laboratory testing. Clients typically send in their parts -- they can opt to visit the laboratory to observe live testing -- and receive a tailored system recommendation based on their heating requirements. After testing, the parts are sent back for review, and videos and pictures are passed along to the client. This process ensures clients get the system and results they desire.


Ambrell has over 25 years of expertise and has installed more than 10,000 systems in over 50 countries. Contact Ambrell today to see how Ambrell can help your business and experience the Ambrell difference for yourself.