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Press release: The Sniffers combines their pipeline field surveys with expert analysis and PIMS software

DMC1 GmbH, founded in 2000 and operating from Schkopau in Germany, has developed a business application suite for pipeline owners over the past 20 years. This Pipeline Manager software and the related... - 23rd September 2020

Intero Integrity Services acquires The Sniffers

The Sniffers, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Belgium, offers emission reduction services such as LDAR and tank emission measurements, energy-saving projects for flare- and steam losses and... - 23rd September 2020

WTS Energy Acquires Leading Technical Company: The Sniffers

WTS Energy is pleased to announce that they have acquired The Sniffers, a service provider to the Oil & Gas industry with Emission Monitoring, Energy Saving and Pipeline Network Integrity Services,... - 21st February 2018
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ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation for The Sniffers

Emissions of volatile organic components (VOC’s) from industrial Oil and Gas installations are harmful for the environment; hazardous air pollutants are dangerous for people as they affect the air breathing... - 18th January 2018

Discovering FLIR's intrinsically safe GFx320 camera in collaboration with FLIR & customer ADPO

  Our project leader, Bart Segers, was given the opportunity to test the camera at ADPO's storage tanks site and he was very pleased with how the optical gas imaging camera works.   Download the full... - 15th September 2017

Feature in Energeia magazine - Interview with dog handler Fred Guit

The Sniffers' detection dog is the only in The Netherlands that is capable of detecting electrical short circuits. Our customer Enexis has been using our trained dogs since 2013.   In this interview, Fred... - 15th September 2017

The Sniffers featuring within Future Refining and Storage Supplement

The Sniffers will be featuring in the Future Refining and Storage Supplement! This magazine will be presented during the launch of International Petroleum Week on February 8th in London. Read the article... - 19th January 2016
Balen, Belgium – March 2, 2015 - The Sniffers, a world leader in emission monitoring and pipeline monitoring services, thermographic integrity inspections and leak detection with certified dogs, located in Balen, Belgium, announces the appointment of Bart Wauterickx as CEO effective immediately.

The Sniffers announces new CEO Bart Wauterickx

Bart Wauterickx brings a wealth of business experience to the company acquired most notably at Atlas Copco,  global compressor manufacturer, and Brady, world leader in identification and protection of... - 18th March 2015
Leak detection with special trained dogs is not only very accurate, but also faster, which means a lower cost for the customers.

A dog’s life: Zapa and Zita prepare for a career in pipeline leak detection

    These two Belgian Sheppard were destined to enter the leak detection profession, being sired from a pair of highly regarded industry specialists.   They have already shown the traits needed to have a... - 16th February 2015
Leak detection specialists, the Sniffers, is taking its dogs division global on the back of rampant success in 2014

Sniffing out success: dog division raises the game in pipeline leak detection

Great technology remains the major catalyst for change in the oil and gas industry, but sometimes human innovation comes nowhere near as efficient as nature.   Last year, 2014, saw one tech division of a... - 27th January 2015