Company Spotlight

Find oil and gas companies in upstream, downstream, pipeline and HSE growth market sectors.


Ambrell provides induction heating solutions for tube and pipe applications like pre- and post-weld heating, pipe coating, pipe bending, pre-heating for carbide bit inserts and drill pipe heating.
Industry sector: Pipelines

Anton Paar

Anton Paar develops and produces highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions.
Industry sector: Downstream, Health, Safety & Environment

BAUER Maschinen GmbH

Specialist foundation engineering equipment and machinery for drilling rigs.
Industry sector: Upstream

Bentley Systems

Manage asset and engineering information across the lifecycle in a connected data environment to reduce risk, ensure compliance, lower costs, improve safety, and increase asset performance. Learn more about Bentley’s AssetWise asset performance software subscription services.
Industry sector: Upstream, Downstream, Health, Safety & Environment


CMETS Automation & Control Division is a leading automation solutions provider offering services in the Middle East region and covering a wide range of applications and processes including Oil & Gas industries, Utilities, Commercial Buildings and Manufacturing industries.
Industry sector: Upstream


Drillform Technical Services Ltd. provides world class drilling equipment and service solutions to increase safety and productivity on drilling rigs.
Industry sector: Upstream, Pipelines, Health, Safety & Environment


An international consulting and software company, Implico supports customers from different industries with the optimisation of their business processes.
Industry sector: Downstream

Intero - The Sniffers

We are the contributors to a better environment. You can sense the winds of change in the oil, gas, and chemical industries as they move through the energy transition. As a key part of Intero, Intero – The Sniffers combines global field emission measurements and pipeline integrity surveys with expert knowledge and advice.
Industry sector: Upstream, Downstream, Pipelines, Health, Safety & Environment


INTERTEC is a supplier of unique systems designed to provide reliable protection of sensitive field-mounted instruments.
Industry sector: Downstream


Kemppi is a world-leading manufacturer of arc welding equipment and a provider of solutions for highly productive welding
Industry sector: Upstream, Pipelines, Health, Safety & Environment

Leistritz Pumpen

LEISTRITZ PUMPEN GMBH is a leading supplier of screw pumps for oil & gas applications.
Industry sector: Upstream


Norsafe is the global market leader in marine life-saving systems for the merchant and offshore markets.
Industry sector: Health, Safety & Environment

Orga Offshore

Orga’s offshore team provide customised solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry that include marine lanterns, foghorns, visibility meters, radar response beacons, helideck lighting (incl. the Circle-H) and guidance systems, helicopter ground power units, remote health monitoring systems and solar power supply systems.
Industry sector: Health, Safety & Environment

Rotor Clip

The global leader in the manufacture of Tapered Section Retaining Rings, Constant Section Retaining Rings, Spiral Retaining Rings, Wave Springs, and Self-Compensating Hose Clamp
Industry sector: Upstream

RUD Ketten

RUD Ketten is one of the world's largest manufacturers of round steel chains, producing top-quality chain components and systems for a wide variety of markets and applications.
Industry sector: Upstream


The SchuF Group designs and manufactures industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, oil, gas and offshore industry. Its valves are used to control, divert, isolate, and sample gases, liquids, slurries and powders. We are a specialist for critical service applications such as hydro cracking, gasification, liquefaction, urea production and delayed coking.
Industry sector: Downstream, Pipelines, Health, Safety & Environment


Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications for business and critical communications.
Industry sector: Upstream, Downstream, Health, Safety & Environment

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.
Industry sector: Upstream


Advanced pipeline systems for oil and gas production
Industry sector: Pipelines

Steamloc International

Steamloc provides long term solutions for condensate removal from steam applications. Benefits include greater energy efficiency, improved heat transfer and no maintenance.
Industry sector: Downstream

Systems and Advanced Technologies Engineering

Advanced engineering technology services for the offshore industry, gas compression and distribution industry, and underwater technology.
Industry sector: Upstream, Downstream


A leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art portable X-ray inspection systems.
Industry sector: Upstream, Pipelines, Health, Safety & Environment