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Petrobras to almost double fleet, eyes Western expertise

27th November 2012

Petrobras plans to grow fleet by 146 Ships, western shipbuilding expertise will be crucial

Petrobras to almost double fleet, eyes Western expertise
International partners will be key to developing the shipbuilding expertise required to expand Brazil’s offshore sector

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has announced an expansion of its fleet programme in which the inclusion of foreign partners and their expertise will be key, the company said at an event in London. This is the latest plan in terms of infrastructure development which is set to spur oil production, as part of the company’s five-year plan to double oil output by 2020.

The company’s executive manager of supply and logistics Eduardo Autran outlined the company’s development plan for the next five years during the Royal Institution of Naval Architect’s annual Presidents Invitation Lecture in London last week. The event gathered 150 representatives across the global maritime industry.

The Petrobras representative covered the company’s business strategy for activities across the oil and gas value chain in the next four years. This included a fleet expansion programme that will see the Petrobras fleet grow from 287 ships at the end of 2010 to 433 ships by 2017.  Petrobras’ plan sees international partners as integral to developing the shipbuilding expertise required to expand Brazil’s offshore sector, Autran highlighted.

There are 47 yards in operation in Brazil with a further 11 yards under construction. Some 62,000 workers are directly employed in the industry, which has an orderbook totalling 6.8 million deadweight tonnage (DWT), in addition to orders for 19 offshore oil platforms and a further 21 deepsea rigs.

Petrobras CEO Maria das Graças Silva Foster in September hosted UK prime minister David Cameron and a delegation of British businessmen at company headquarters in Rio de Janeiro to hold talks on Brazil-UK trade, as well as business opportunities and potential cooperation between UK industries and the Brazilian oil and gas giant.

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