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Aker designs “world's largest” Spar platform

15th March 2012

Global oil services company will design world’s largest floating offshore installation.

Engineer at work
FEED contract awarded for spar platform

Aker Solutions has been awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract from Statoil to design the world's largest Spar platform for the Aasta Hansteen field development in the Norwegian Sea.
The platform will have a hull length of 193m and a 170m long draught, making it the largest of its kind, according to the company. "Aasta Hansteen will be the first Spar platform on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), and also the world's first Spar platform with condensate storage capacity - a so called Belly-Spar", it said in a statement.
A Spar platform is a cylinder shaped floating offshore installation. The 'belly' refers to the increased diameter on part of the circular shaped hull, where the condensate storage tanks are located. 

Henning Østvig, head of Front-End & Technology in Aker Solutions said: "The Aasta Hansteen Spar will be the first production platform on the NCS with steel catenary risers. With a water depth of 1300 meters, this is probably the only riser technology that can meet the challenges on the Aasta Hansteen field".
The steel catenary risers are made of self-supporting steel pipes in a bow shape between the platform and the seabed. The shape helps the risers compensate for the motions on the floating facility.
The mooring system for Aasta Hansteen Spar platform consists of a set of polyester lines. "There are currently no installations on the NCS with polyester mooring. Aasta Hansteen may be the first, and it will definitely be operating in the deepest water," said Østvig.
The FEED study will be completed in the third quarter of 2012. The contract value is yet to have been disclosed.


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