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27th April 2012

Meet international companies directly from your PC, mobile phone or tablet PC

Browse any of our registered companies to meet and learn more about the latest products and technologies. Online meetings allow you to chat with the companies directly, attend technical seminars and learn about any product specifications, all in your own language. Most importantly, online meetings can help you make the decisions that are best for YOUR business!

Use online meetings to:

  1. Meet potential business partners for free, saving you travel and time costs
  2. Meet companies that match your business' needs
  3. Use our friendly chat environment to see product documentation and technical information
  4. Meet other companies in your industry and exchange information
  5. Calendar Meet international companies

How does it work?

  1. The online meetings are run through teleconferencing , so you both listen and chat
  2. A bilingual moderator runs the meeting.
  3. The online meeting is run using Cisco's WebEx: no software installation is required.
  4. You can communicate by telephone or your audiovisual interface to all or selected participants.