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Gao Deng
Gao Deng
Posted: 27th January 2014,  Total views: 1 186
In this post, we would be taking a look at some of the basic opportunities and challenges that confront China’s pipeline industry in terms of international trade and infrastructure development and meeting the growing internal energy demands.
Penny Olmos
Penny Olmos
Posted: 21st November 2013,  Total views: 1 257
Canada's tar sands have yielded considerable economic benefits to the country, but every economic opportunity in the industry brings with it certain environment challenges, says writer Penny Olmos
Lessons from Macondo
Bob Fryar
Posted: 7th November 2013,  Total views: 1 148
A quarter of a century after the tragic Piper Alpha disaster that claimed the lives of 167 people, BP’s head of safety and operational risk Bob Fryar looks back at how offshore safety has progressed in the industry since 1988, drawing on the company’s own experience of and response to the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon rig in 2010 – lessons from the past to prepare for a better future
Tom Spender
Tom Spender
Posted: 6th August 2013,  Total views: 2 436
With demand for increasingly sophisticated industrial locations in China soaring among big petrochemical companies keen to get closer to the country’s many consumers, expansion of the Nangang Industrial Zone in Tianjin is coming at just the right time
What is next for Alberta oil?
Florian Schwieger
Posted: 10th April 2013,  Total views: 3 026
While most experts agree that foreign investments are vital to the continued success of Canadian oil sand projects, the high-profile takeovers of Canadian companies by foreign conglomerates also have reignited a deep-seated unease among Canadians about foreign companies gaining too much control over a strategic national resource
Next generation deepwater technologies
Mike Daly
Posted: 2nd April 2013,  Total views: 2 724
Executive vice president at BP Mike Daly highlights the key trends in offshore resources and shows what he considers to be the most relevant technologies for understanding and exploring deepwater geologic systems
Ukrainian Energy: Energy independence and the future of shale gas development in
Florian Schwieger
Posted: 21st March 2013,  Total views: 2 304
The Ukraine, some forecasts suggest, may hold some of Europe's largest shale rock deposits with an estimated 42 trillion cubic feet (1.2 trillion cubic meters) of extractable shale deposits. But having large energy resources and being able to efficiently exploit them are two different things